Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Licensure Information

Ohio was the first state to license the practice of massage, and the first applicant was licensed in 1916. Ohio is unique in that it defines massage therapy as a "limited branch of the practice of medicine."

Ohio State Medical Board Requirements

In order to practice massage therapy in the state of Ohio, one must:

The State Medical Board of Ohio DOES NOT require one to earn an Associates Degree in order to become a licensed massage therapist (LMT).

In addition to the State Requirements, students in our approved program benefit from hands-on experience by performing numerous hours of massage in our professional clinic setting.


A student must complete:

Student Massage Clinic

We believe that students must consistently practice what they learn in the classroom. In each of our locations, we have opened a student clinic, where our students benefit by working on their techniques in a professional atmosphere under the close supervision of a licensed massage therapist.

Why Massage School?

Job Growth

Employment for massage therapists is expected to increase 23% from 2012 to 2022.
—US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Massage Therapist was ranked the 5th fastest-growing job in the USA by 24/7 Wall Street in 2012.
—USA Today Article September 2013

Employment Opportunities

Licensed Massage Therapists(LMT's) work in:

and perform both medical and relaxation/therapeutic massage.

Earning Power

In 2012, the median annual income for a massage therapist was $35,980.
—US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

According to the AMTA, the average hourly wage for massage therapists (including tips) is $31 per hour.
—AMTA Survey, 2013

Be Your Own Boss

In 2012, the median annual income for a massage therapist was $35,980.
—US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

#1 of Top 10 Careers for 2011

"According to the U.S. Labor Dept., this field is projected to grow in demand as baby boomers age and people of all generations recognize the physical and mental health benefits associated with massage therapy."
—Bloomberg / Business Week

—AMTA Survey, 2012

Roughly 34.5 million people received a total of 145 million massages in 2012.
—AMTA Research Report, 2013

Massage and Health Care

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please visit Program and Gainful Employment Disclosures.