Success Stories

Linda Kantor, LMT, 2011 Graduate

Cincinnati School of Medical Massage was the right choice for me. From the administration to the instructors, I found the environment of the school to be supportive and encouraging. The workload was manageable, although it did require my undivided attention at times in order to retain the concept of the material.

In February 2012, I received my license to practice massage from the Ohio Medical Board. I am currently working as an LMT, earning an income that I am comfortable with and helping people feel better every day. After the State Boards, the school followed up with the graduates, keeping us informed of opportunities to interview for various career opportunities. It was through that effort that I landed my first job as an LMT.

I will be forever thankful for the time that I spent at Cincinnati School of Medical Massage. I grew there and accomplished what I needed to in order to give back to our community in a positive way. None of that would have been possible without the teamwork of the school behind me. I am proud of myself and happy that the school can be proud too.

Michelle Bradford, LMT, 2011 Graduate

Cincinnati School of Medical Massage was a life changer for me because I was able to meet great people in my class and I really pushed myself to do my best. The staff wants you to do your best and they have your back 100%. The staff is caring, understanding, and motivates you to be on top.

Jennifer Phibbs, 1998 Graduate

Dayton Campus: Private Practice & Massage Instructor, Dayton School of Medical Massage

Works with clients that suffer from Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, General Stress & Stroke. Jennifer averages 15 to 20 massages per week, and her personal practice includes 150 regular clients. Rates are $50 per hour, $80 per hour and $120 per hour. Her successful private practice is located in Kettering, OH. (937) 241-5173